101 Chakra Healing Affirmations Book Release

book cover for 101 chakra healing affirmationsWhen used properly Chakra Healing affirmations are extremely powerful in transforming a persons overall health and well being.  There are three things that stop a lot of people from experiencing success with their affirmations.

1.  Improper or poorly worded affirmations.

2. Incorrect use of affirmations

3. Not knowing the most powerful time of day to work with affirmations.

It is for this reason that I recently released a new book on Amazon’s Kindle format recently titled “101 Chakra Healing Affirmations”.

In the book I address the three challenges listed above by providing more than 101 perfectly worded chakra healing affirmations, providing a powerful three step “affirmations routine” and revealing the absolute most powerful time of day to work with affirmations.

If you have worked with affirmations in the past with little or no results, or you have thought about trying affirmations but weren’t sure how to proceed, then this book which costs a mere $2.99 on Amazon will provide everything you need to use affirmations in the most powerful way possible.

Also to make this an even more valuable investment I have included a link in the book that will give you free access to a 60 minute chakra healing music mp3.  I have also embedded all 101 affirmations in my new book within the music.  This MP3 is a $20 value which you will have free access to when you by my book.

Chakras affect every aspect of our daily lives, and working chakra affirmations is one of the most powerful and inexpensive ways you can make a positive difference in your life starting today.

After you buy the book, I would love to receive any questions, comments or feedback you have.

Click Here To Buy The Book On Amazon Now.

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