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A Gift of Love From Guy Finley

As part of the re-launching of The Champions Heart website, I am focusing in on effective ways to unleash the power of your heart and master the transformational energy of love. b In doing so I am searching the Globe for those experts as well as everyday people who have discovered their own way of…

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Your Greatest Barrier To Attracting Genuine Love…

…This One Problem Is Responsible For Causing Singles To Stay Single… And For Keeping Them Stuck In Unhealthy Relationships There is no question that a rich, full and fulfilled life includes a deep, meaningful and intimate relationship (for most of us).  Over the past three decades Gay and Katie Hendricks have been recognized as the…

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Why You Fail To Get What You Want

No matter how many times you may have failed in your life, you are not a failure. In fact I could go on at length and prove to you scientifically that you have been an unstoppable force of success…for getting what you don’t want. However since you’re reading this I will go out a limb…

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Discover The Mysteries of Your Heart

During my training to become a Clinical Hypnotherapist I believed the subconscious mind was the most powerful success mechanism known to man, while at the same time it seemed to me that there was something missing.  I began to become aware of that something while obtaining my Masters degree is Spiritual Psychology.  That something is…

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Marrying Science With Spirituality – Gregg Braden

In this video Gregg Braden discusses the power of our emotions to create what we desire in our lives.  He also discusses how by combining the best of science has to offer with the best of what Spirituality has to offer we have access to something far more powerful than either of these are alone.…

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The Intuitive Intelligence Of Your Heart

For years I have been encouraging people to get out of their heads and into their hearts to live a life they absolutely love. The short video below offers the scientific explanation as to why you should follow my advice. Discover the intuitive intelligence of your heart. Enjoy!   Transcript From Video (As It Appears…

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