Celebration Friday – Celebrating Tamara Henry M.A.

This is the first of a new series of posts that will appear on Fridays, as part of  “Celebration Fridays”  In this series we will be celebrating people and/or events that serve to empower and inspire their community and the world to connect and and to take action for the highest good of all concerned.

Today I would like to make you aware of and ask you to join me in celebrating Tamara Henry M.A.  In an industry that is often all too concerned with the bottom line and “what’s in it for me?”, Tamara Henry stands out.  She is a Spiritually inspired Televisionary producer, writer, and actress.

Tamara Henry, M.A.

She clearly recognizes the inherent power of tv & film  to impact and influence the world, and aligns herself with other like minded indiviuals to create media for the purpose of influencing positive change in our global society.

While I could write a great deal about all the worthwhile causes and projects that Tamara is involved I think you would be better served to check out one of her many websites.

She does a fantastic job of documenting her journey through pictures and video. A god place to start would be:


For Entertainment industry Professionals in the Los Angeles area, you will want to check out:  http://venicebeach.tv

T A M A R A  H E N R Y,  M.A.   

This site will give you information on how you can become involved with a wonderful group of people who meet once a month under a full moon on Venice beach to inspire and  support each other in their careers and in their lives.

I recently had the honor of being a guest speaker at their latest gathering, and I fully support them in what they are doing.

If you have suggestions for a person and or event that you would like to see featured here on “Celebration Fridays” you can send your suggestion directly to Mitchell Dahood at:


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