Celebration Friday – The Lives of Michael Jackson & Farah Fawcett

michael jacksonIt’s Celebration Friday, and I want to take a moment today to celebrate the lives of two individuals who by now you know have passed on from this earth.  They are of course Michael Jackson and Farah Fawcett.  You might wonder why The Champions Heart would want to celebrate these two individuals, given that they have both had their share of controversies and scandals.

The fact of the matter is I think both Michael and Farah offer two extraordinary examples of people being true to themselves, choosing a path and following their heart in a way that was right for them even if other people didn’t understand or agree.

In the case of Farah, she was on top of the world, star of a hit tv show, and yet after only one year on the show, she knew she wanted and was capable of more, even if hollywood didn’t realize it.  She walked away from “Charlies Angels” even though she wouldn’t be able to get work for years, because she was still under contract to the show.

She chose not to work, rather than work on something that was not fulfilling or challenging for her.  She would go on re-invent herself and receive great critical acclaim for several tv film and feature film roles.

As for Michael Jackson, the world may never see another performer as gifted and talented as Michael.  He expereince more than his share of accusations and scandal, none of which where ever proven.  I am not here to defend Michael Jackson, I simply choose to look at what we know.

He was adored by fans around the world of all ages all races.  Even if they didn’t always understand how he chose to live and express himself off stage, no one could deny the seemingly limiltess talent he posessed, and the joy he brought to those who saw him in concert and or listened to his music on their stereo.farah fawcett

Following your own heart especially when doing so causes suspicion, misunderstanding, judgements, etc, is by no means an easy jounrey for anyone.  At the same time it is always the best choice in terms of the evolution of our soul.

Despite what your personal feelings may be about these two individulas, I encourage you to focus on the lesson and the example of how these to people chose to follow their hearts inspite of public opinion.  I would also encourage you rather than read the tabloids to determine the character of these or any other individuals, speak to or listen to the people in their lives.

In both cases, when you hear the friends and family of both Michael and Farah, it is clear that they where both incredibly loving people who deeply touched those around them in a meaningful way.  To me that is the best indication of a life well lived.

Thank you and God Bless you Michael and Farah for allowing us to experience you and your gifts here on earth.  We know that you are now basked in the love of Spirit and peacefully resting after your long journey home.

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