Celebration Friday – The Most Important Person In Your Life

Too often we overlook this person as not being special enough or worthy enough of taking notice of and celebrating.  The truth is however, there is no more important person in your life.  This person is the only one that has always been there in good times and in bad.

celebration 1This person is responsible for an immense amount of good in your life and the lives of others.  The person I am referring to is you.  The sound of your conscious mind right now denying what I have just written is deafening.  Your conscious mind is speaking from a place of fear.  A fear of how truly great you are and can be.

There is another voice however that is not afraid.  On the contrary, this voice recognizes the greatness within you, and fully supports you in expressing your true self.  This voice speaks from a place of unconditional love.  It is very easy to distinguish this voice from that of your conscious mind.

The challenge however is that these voices are on separate channels.  For many people they have been listening only to the channel of their conscious mind, not even aware that they had a choice to listen to another channel.

You have a choice.  I encourage you to listen to the voice that speaks to you from a place of love.  This voice is always ready willing and able to celebrate every step you take on your journey through life. 

And you have a lot to celebrate.  The only reason you might not think this is so is because your conscious mind tends focus obsessively on the negative.  You may have done a hundred or a thousand great things in your life, and your conscious mind still brings up that thing you did five, ten, maybe fifty years ago as an example of how you are not worthy of celebrating your life

If you were to take a piece of paper and write all the good things you have done for yourself and others on the right side, and all the things you judged as bad on the left, I think you find that the list on the right would be significantly longer.

Regardless, the fact is that you are an amazing person who through good times and challenging times has always done the best you could in the given circumstances, and if you could have done better you would have, and for that you deserve to CELEBRATE! 

Today and everyday instead of looking at what you have judged yourself as doing wrong, look for what you have done right and celebrate it.  Look for what other people are doing right and join them in celebrating that.

As a culture we spend way to much time beating ourselves up and judging ourselves as “less than”, not “enough”, “not worthy” The truth is you are a divine being having a human experience in which imperfection is part of the process and yet from the day you were born you had everything that you needed to create and to experience a life of perfect abundance, peace, joy, and love.celebration 2

And even if that has yet to be your experience, the truth is right now in this moment, you still have everything you need to live the life you deserve and desire, and that is certainly worhty of celebrating. 

By celebrating you encourage and give permission to your true self to step forward from out of the shadows and into the light to share yourself and your gifts with the world.

So come on it’s time is now to celebrate you, the most important person in your life!







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