Celebration Friday – The People Who Remind Us Of Our Greatness

It’s Celebration Friday, and I want to take this opportunity to celebrate all of the Heart-Centered individuals around the world whose focus is to remind us of the greatness that lies within each one of us.

There are far too many people (often including our selves) who are all too eager to point out what they perceive to be our flaws.  And far too few who have taken in upon themselves to remind us of our greatness.

Through all that they think speak and do these individuals passionately teach, inspire, empower, and beautifully model a way of being that is full of aliveness, awareness, passion, compassion, and an ever expanding desire to express more of who we truly are and never less.

Some of these people may be famous, such as Wayne Dyer, Deepok Chopra, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, and Michael Beckwith among others.  Many more may only be known (and greatly appreciated) by a few, such as a gifted teacher in school, a neighbor, or a friend.

Regardless, I encourage you to take a moment and think of the people who have inspired you to be more of who you are.  Who have reminded you that you are important, that you do matter, and that you are worthy of having and experiencing a life of perfect abundance, peace, joy. and love.

After making your list choose your own way to celebrate them.  Perhaps you might recognize  and acknowledge the greatness in someone who at the moment is choosing to feel less than or unworthy.  Perhaps you write a card or letter to those people on your list and authentically share what they have meant to you.

However you choose to celebrate, remember it is the intention which is more important than the act.

Below is just one example of one those gifted people reminding us of our greatness.  It is a very energetic video of Dr. Michael Beckwith.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

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