Dissolving The Blocks To Your Open Heart

World heartMany people, especially those on a Spiritual path often refer to the heart as being “open” or “closed”.  While this may seem to be the reality, I would offer another possibility for your consideration.  That possibility would be that the heart is always open for that is its natural state.

In those moments (or days or weeks or years) when we “experience” our heart or the heart of another as being closed, what actually is is occurring is that we/they are identifying more with the chaos, confusion, and fear of the mind, and this blocks the awareness of the open heart.

We came into this world with a heart that was wide open and overflowing with unconditional love.  No matter what you have experienced since the day of your birth, no matter the pain or disappointments, your heart which is your connection to Spirit is always open and always unconditionally loving.

What changes are our thoughts about life and for too many people these thoughts come from a place of lack, of fear, of unworthiness, etc. and this blocks our awareness to our of our heart and our natural way of being and expressing ourselves in the world.

In order to reawaken our awareness of our heart and our natural way of being in the world we need to dissolve those thoughts that are blocking our awareness and disconnecting us from our hearts.  There are many ways in which one could choose to do this; through hypnosis, affirmations, handwriting, prayer, etc.

As with anything, I encourage you to choose what resonates with you and do it for at least seven days and observe any changes that take place.  If you become aware of positive changes taking place, then keep doing what you’re doing.  If after seven days you don’t experience any positive change or shift, you may want to re-evaluate how you are doing what you are doing, or simply do something else.

For those of you who may respond well to guided imagery, I recently recorded two guided imagery’s that will specifically help in dissolving the negative thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, so that you can get out of your head and into your heart.

I have uploaded them on “YouPublish” and the links are below.  You can listen to these guided imagery’s on on your computer, or download them for free.



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