Empowerment Monday – Top Ten Affirmations For An Ideal Relationship

It’s Empowerment Monday, and it’s time for another one of my personal Top Ten Affirmations list.  This one is devoted to manifesting your ideal relationship.  Let’s get to it.

Love Couple


1.  I am available and obtainable for my ideal relationship.

2. I give and receive love easily and unconditionally

3.  I am perfect whole and complete just the way I am

4. I am loving and lovable

5.  I am always meeting all the right people at all the right times right now.

6.  I am open to all possibilities

7. I am looking for and receiving love in all the right places.

8.  I naturally attract my ideal relationships

9.  The ideal relationship that i am looking for is also looking for me

10. I am worthy of my ideal relationship.

If you want to attract your ideal relationship, anytime of day is a great time to say and/or writie the above affirmations.  The most powerful time however, as I have mentioned before is the 1/2 hour before you go to bed.  So start affirming now and love will be in the air and on its way to you.

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