Empowerment Monday – Top Ten Affirmations For Connecting To Your Heart

Heart HandsIt’s Empowerment Monday, and today I am going to offer you my personal top ten list of affirmations for getting and staying connected to your heart.  I and others have offered a lot of affirmations for abundance, prosperity, health, etc.

The truth is all of those things tend to show up in our lives more easily and gracefully when we are connected and centered in our heart as opposed to when we are stuck in the chaos of our mind.

Top Ten List

1.  I am fully and deeply connected to the wisdom, clarity, courage, and passion of my heart.

2.  I fully, deeply, and authentically express myself from my heart in all that I think speak and do.

3.  My heart is opening more and more with each passing day.

4.  I am so filled with love in my heart  that I easily love myself and others.

5. I am a Divine soul expressing love through every pore of the human body within which I currently reside. 

6.  I am listening closely to wisdom of my heart, and the path before me is clear.

7.  The paradise I seek resides in my heart and I love to visit often everyday.

8.  I see the love in me bautifully reflected in all of the faces I see.

9.  There is no place I would rather be, than residing deeply in the center of my heart.

10.  I am love, and I see love everywhere and in everything.

There you have it, my personal top ten list of affirmation to connect and keep you connected to your heart.  Whenever you find yourself becoming disconnected, it is because you are going into your head. 

We all do it, and its ok as long as when you are aware of yourself starting to disconnect, you take immediate corrective action to re-connect.  These affirmations and others like them can be a powerful tool that you can use in these circumstances.

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