Empowerment Monday – Top Ten Affirmations For Weight Release

weight scaleIt’s Empowerment Monday, and today I want to share with you my top ten affirmations for weight release.  Notice I said “release” and not weight loss.  If you lose something, there is always the chance that you will find it again. If you release something, you lovingly let it go never to return.

Weight gain is most often a subconscious emotional response to protect ourselves against a perceived threat. Releasing that weight has to come from a place of love and appreciation for ourselves. The affirmations below all have their foundation in Self Love.


1.  I love myself the way I am

2.  I lovingly release all excess weight to reveal the real me

3. I love and appreciate myself by making healthy food choices

4.  I lovingly and energetically move my body for excellent cardiovascular health.

5.  I really love looking at my slender fit body in the mirror

6.  I love the way all of my favorite clothes fit and look on me.

7.  I love receiving all the compliments people give me about my sexy new body.

8.  I love being notice by others in a positive way.

9.  I am confident about about myself and my body.

10.  I am a sleek, sexy, loving being, that give and receives love easily.

There you have it, my top ten list of affirmations for weight release.  I definitely recommend that you speak and write these affirmations before going to bed at night.  You may also want to record these affirmations and have them playing in the background while you sleep, or are doing other activities aroound the house.

Also when you experience resistance which is a natural part of change (even when it is positive) keep repeating your affirmations over and over in your mind until you concsious mind quiets down.

Most of all be loving and gentle with yourself during this process.  Judging and criticizing yourself will not get the job done.  It will only serve to keep you where you are or worse.  Love above all elese in  this process is the key.

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