Empowerment Monday Top Ten Affirmations For Your Career

jump for joyIt’s Empowerment Monday, and today I want to share with you my personal top ten list for attracting and/or creating your ideal career.  So lets get to it.


1.  I am passionate about my career which completely fulfills and inspires me.

2.  Others are inspired by the work that I do in my career.

3.  My career allows me to live a life of perfect balance and abundance.

4. I am fully energized by and looking forward to fully participating in my career.

5. I fully express myself in my career from the center of my heart.

6. I respect and I am inspired by those I work with in my career.

7.  I experience a tremendous amount of love, support, and respect for my career.

8.  I am becoming better and better day by day in all that I do.

9.  I approach each new day in my career with with a total sense of passion, purpose, joy, and fulfillment.

10. I fulfill a great need in myself and others through my career.

There you have it.  As a reminder, the most powerful time to work with affirmations is during the 1/2 hour before you go to bed.  Speaking your affirmations with enthusiasm & writing them during this time will have those most dramatic positive results.

If you would like to suggest a something for a future Empowerment Monday article please email me at mitchell@thechampionsheart.com

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