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Reconnecting To Your Life’s Purpose

Your Life's Purpose

Discovering your Life’s Purpose

Everyone who has ever been born has come into this world with a specific life’s purpose. to fulfill.  The challenge for most is that by the time they reach their early teens they have been negatively influenced and limitrf by society and their environment, and have they lost their connection to that purpose.

If this has been your experience, and you want to rediscover/reconnect to your life’s purpose, you must begin by freeing your mind from the limiting beliefs contained within it.

At first you may not know or be aware of what limiting beliefs you have because they are in your subconscious mind.  However, there are many clues all around you that can guide you toward your limiting beliefs.  There are two main areas I would suggest you look to begin this discovery process.

1.  Challenging Areas of Your Life.  Everything that you are experiencing right now is the result of a belief that you have in your subconscious mind.  If you find yourself challenged in a particular area of your life, you can be sure that their is a belief that supports that experience.

Allow yourself to go back and remember what were the messages you heard and/or received around this area while you were growing up.  For example, if you are experiencing a lack of abundance, what were the messages you received about money?  Did you hear “Rich people are jerks”,  Money is the root of all evil”, “We’re just not meant to be rich”  “There just never seems to be enough money”  “We can’t afford it” etc.

2.  Look At The Words You Use. What are the words you use in talking about this area of your life.  Is it similar or worse than what you heard growing up?  Their is always a thought that precedes our spoken words.  Chances are those thoughts are very similar to the messages you received.

Re-programming Limiting Beliefs

Once you are aware of what the limiting beliefs are that are holding you back in your life, you can begin to systematically re-program those limiting beliefs into beliefs that are more positive and support your life’s purpose.

This site is filled with articles and resources to assist you in this.  The three primary tools I would suggest you look at are:

1.  Affirmations

2.  Visualization

3.  Guided Imagery

Any of these tools by themselves if used consistently will yield positive results.  If you use all three, your results will be even more dramatic.  If you are unclear about how to procede in re-programming your limiting beliefs, feel free to email me at  I will be happy to answer your questions.

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