Getting Out Of Your Head And Into Your Heart – 3 Keys

Is your mind filled with chaos and confusion?  Have you settled for less in your life, instead of living the life of your dreams? Have you been convinced by the doubts and fears of your mind that “its not the right time.”, “you don’t have everything you need.”, “you don’t know how to get what you want?”

If so, I have outlined three keys to clearing the chaos and confusion and connecting to your heart. Follow these steps, and you will free yourself from the prison of your mind.

1. GET CLEAR. The challenge for most people is that they get stuck in the chaos and confusion of their mind, and find it difficult if not impossible to know what they want. The way to get clear is to get out of your head and into your heart.

One simple way to get out of your head and into your heart is to sit quietly with your hand on your heart, and take in several slow deep gentle breathes. Then allow yourself to think of someone or something that you truly love (this helps you to strengthen your connection to your heart).

From this place silently ask yourself what you want, and then listen for the answer. You may want to ask this question several times in order to access the deepest part of yourself and reveal the true desire of your heart.

The answer may come to you as a word, an image, or a thought. In what ever form it comes, allow this answer to guide you forward toward your heart’s desire.

2. CLEAR OUT THE NEGATIVE THOUGHTS AND BELIEFS. Even if you are clear about what you want, unless you clear out the negative thoughts and beliefs that have prevented you from manifesting it, you will not be able to move forward. These thoughts are contained in your subconscious mind, and are reinforced by your conscious mind and society.

Even if you are not aware of them, you know they exist, for they are responsible for everything you are experiencing in your life right now. No matter how determined you have been in the past to change, these thoughts and beliefs have held you back.

In order to change your life in a positive way, you must change the negative thoughts and beliefs. Three powerful ways to achieve this are:

A. Writing Positive Affirmations (writing provides a direct connection with the subconscious mind)

B. Speaking Positive Affirmations (the positive energy from your spoken words vibrates out into the Universe and positive energy in the form of people, opportunities and ideas are drawn to you).

C. Visualizing and/or imagining your hearts desire as if you already had it and were experiencing it right now. (The subconscious mind accepts these images as reality, and begins to work toward manifesting them).

3. TAKE ONE STEP FORWARD. Follow the guidance and wisdom of your heart and take a positive step forward toward the desire of your heart. Everyone, even the most successful people in the world experience fear and doubt. However, the s successful people move forward anyway, because their passion is strong enough and clear enough to pull them forward.

So take a step forward now. In spite of any fear or doubt you may have, take a step. Trust me, their is no more empowering feeling than experiencing fear and doubt, and choosing to move forward anyway.

So take a step, and when you do, be sure and celebrate and acknowledge yourself for embarking on your journey toward living the life you deserve and desire.

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