Healing Third Eye Chakra Affirmations Process

In continuing with the “Healing Chakra Affirmations Process” video series, today’s video is for the Third Eye Chakra.  the Third Eye or Brow chakra has to do with your intuition.  It’s that “feeling” you get about people or circumstances that you may not be able to explain or understand why.

Learning to have a deeper connection to and trusting your intuition allows you to make better and more confident decisions in your life.  Your intuition come from a place inside of you that knows the truth about who you are and the purpose you are here to fulfill.  The feelings you get are your intuitions way of guiding toward that which will allow you to fulfill your purpose.

Too many people in our mind dominated ego centric society have become disconnected from this important part of themselves.  It is not that they don’t have a strong intuition, it is simply a matter that they have blocked themselves from receiving it. The good news is that if you have like most people blocked yourself from receiving the powerful information from you intuition, you can unblock yourself.

The short video  below will serve to begin your process of opening yourself up to receiving the information of your intuition, and in time trusting your intuition and yourself to know what is right for you and your life.

I encourage you to leave a comment below regarding your experience with this video process.  Also if you are interested in a simple step by step system for healing and balancing your complete chakra system, you may want to watch a short ten minute video that explains The Super Chakra Healing System, which is being offered at a discounted price on that is offered on the video.

To view that video, click the link below.

Super Chakra Healing System


To View The Healing Third Eye Affirmations Process Video Click The Link Below.


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