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Step 1: Submit Your Application

To complete step one simply submit your answers to the following six questions:

1. In what area of your life do you most want to experience a major breakthrough?

2. What is it costing you not to have what you want?

3. What will your life look like and feel like when you achieve the breakthrough you desire?

4. What has stopped you in the past from achieving what you desire?

5. On a scale of 1-10 how committed are you to now taking the necessary action to get what you desire?

6. What additional information you would like me to know/consider?

Email your answers to Mitchell@TheChampionsHeart.com and please include your best contact phone number.

Step 2: Submit Refundable Deposit

To complete step two submit your refundable deposit of $25. The deposit is required to schedule your Breakthrough Coaching Session and will be refunded when you show up for your scheduled Session. Use the payment button below to submit your refundable deposit now.

***The Refundable Deposit Is Only Intended To Deter "Freebie Seekers"  who go from free offer to free offer never intending to invest in anything regardless of the powerful and positive difference it can make in their life.***

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 Step 3: Schedule Your Breakthrough Coaching Session

After receipt of your answers to the application questions and your deposit you will be contacted to schedule your Breakthrough Coaching Session.  

 "Mitchell Is A Master Coach"

Frances-fuji“Mitchell is a Master Coach whose unerring guidance empowered me to emerge from a time of personal crisis with more strength, resilience and centeredness than ever... 
...Long story short, with Mitchell’s help I was able to navigate that critical period with ease and grace. Choosing to work with Mitchell was a gift for my clients, who commented on how animated and powerful my presentations had become.
It was a gift for my family who had been seriously worried about my health. And it’s certainly been a gift for me, because I know I have absorbed and integrated Mitchell’s coaching at the cellular level; this is the kind of learning that I’ll never ‘forget.’
Frances Fujii, Co-founder  CEO2.com

"Mitchell Helped Me Reach A

New Level of Success."

Jim ChristopherMitchell helped me to break through to a new level of success.

I was honored to work with Mitchell for several months and the tools and insights he provided continue to pay huge dividends personally and professionally.

Mitchell really listens and has a wealth of knowledge. He focused on the areas I wanted to address and the results speak for themselves.

I recommend Mitchell Dahood highly as a coach and I respect him greatly as a person

---Jim Cristopher, Executive Recruiter

"Become Who You Were Born To Be!"

"Completely Loving and Present"

I fJohnny-Oound Mitchell to be completely loving and present.  He allowed me to open up honestly and fully so I could heal.

We made great progress on an important issue I was seeking to transform.

I would not hesitate recommending Mitchell to any facing a significant challenge in there life.

Johhny O'Callaghan, Actor, JohnnyOCallaghan.com


"...Hit The Nail Right On The Head'

maggie-dennisonMitchell's intuitive sense always hit the nail right on the head.

His insights helped me identify a major issue that was holding me back in my business so that I could process it and get the results I wanted.

I have confidence referring Mitchell to anyone who needs his unique combination of down to earth business saavy and inner work.

Maggie Dennsion, Founder MyMarketingMessage.com

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