Inspirational Wednesday – Living Without Fear

Couple jumping for joyIt’s Inspirational Wednesday, and I received an email containing an article I would like to share with you today.  It is by Dr. Tim Ong, and it talks about the possibility of living without fear.  Just imagine it, a world filled with fearless people.  There would be no challenge that couldn’t be solved.

I’ll let you read the article below, and then share my comments afterwards.

Is It Possible to Live a Life Without Fear?  By Dr. Tim Ong

In all probability, you have not come across anyone in your life
who is without fear. We therefore, from our own experiences,
generally believe that fear is part and parcel of a normal life.

However, in recent times, we have heard of people who are able to
live their lives without fear. People like Eckhart Tolle, Byron
Katie and Jan Frazier are a handful of people who have written
about and share their discovery of a fearless life. In olden times,
many mystics and gurus have also been able to achieve living their
lives without fear and sufferings.

So living a fearless life is possible. It is also desirable.
According to those who have achieved a fearless life, it is our
natural state. In other words, a fearless life is how we should be.
So the lives we are living now, with fear, is abnormal. It is a
symptom of a deep rooted dis-ease. Just because we are used to
being fearful does not make fear normal. It is not.

Fear presents itself in various ways. The most obvious form of fear
is being overtly fearful of things like impending injury or death,
illnesses and pain. However, fear can also manifest itself in more
subtle ways, such as mild anxiety, depression, irritable, anger,
need to be loved and accepted, seeking approval from self and/or
others, need for security and safety, and even the need to control.
In short, whatever negative emotions we have are manifestations of

How can we live without fear?

When we look at the common factor in all those who are living
fearless lives now, and even those in the past, one thing stands
out. They had the realization that we are spiritual beings, and
they live according to that fact. Being spiritual, we are
indestructible and it is also within our own power to manifest the
lives we want through mastery of our mind. We become responsible
for our lives.

Thus, as long as we do not see ourselves as spiritual beings, we
are unlikely to be able to live a fearless life. Why? Because
believing that we are totally and only this physical being makes us
completely vulnerable to diseases, destruction and death.
Little wonder we constantly seek to reassure ourselves by seeking
control and security but no matter how much control and security we
have, we will still feel inadequate.

How can we therefore be free from fear? The answer is that we
cannot be free from fear as long as we believe that we are only
this physical body.

We cannot find peace without spirituality.


I agree with much of what Dr. Ong states in his article.  I certainly agree that we are all spiritual, and that we come into this world with absoutely everything that we need to live a life of perfect abundance, peace, joy, and love. 

At the same time I know that we are having a human experience.  Our bodies are wired to respond automatically to certain sitmuli.  I think the fear that Dr. Ong is referring to is the fear that stops us from fully living and expressing the person we were born to be.

I agree that those fears are unecessary and only serve to limit our expression.  There is however a part of our brain that recognizes and reacts to any sudden change in one’s environment.  Some may call that fear, I see that as a heightened state of awareness, and simply a message to pay attention to what is going on in that moment.

The one thing I can say from my own expereince, is that when ever I have been fully connected and centered in my heart, and fully present in the moment, all unecessary fear (the fear that stops one from expressing and moving forward in their life) dissolves.

Even for those who may not consider themselves “spiritual” , anytime they are connected to the love of their heart, they will be unable to experience fear.  For me that is the bottom line, finding and practicing effective ways of connecting and re-connecting deeply to our own loving hearts.

Passion GI CoverI have created guided imagery that I uploaded called Connecting To The Passion of Your Champions Heart. 

 It has proven to be a very powerful tool in guiding people to a deep connection with their heart.  You can listen to it at the following link:

There is also an organization, Insight Seminars, whose sole purpose is to teach and empower people to connect, live, and express themselves fully from their heart.  They have a seminar coming up in July called the Awakening Heart Seminar.

I attended it years ago and found it to be a tranasformational & life changing seminar.  Much of the work I am doing now is the result of that experience.  I am lending my support for this particular seminar in July.   The seminar requires an investment of $495 for the 3 1/2 days (a bargain compared to the 2 and 3 thousand dollar seminars I have attended). 

 Aditionally I am offering $500 worth of my services to anyone who registers, and then emails me at   I will then confirm your registration and make arrangements for you to receive your services from me.

To find out more about the Insight Seminars, The Awakening Heart Seminar, and how to register, Insight Logogo to   or call 

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Their are too many people experiencing too much pain and suffering, much of it caused by thier own fears and limiting beliefs about themselves.  The only cure I know of is to find a way to free yourself from the prison of your mind and connect deeply to your heart.

How much is it worth to you to end the suffering.  My guess is it is a lot more than $500.  At a minimum, I strongly encourage you to take advantage of the free resources I have made available on this sight and elsewhere, and if you recognize the time is now for a major transformation in your life, consider regestering for the Awakening Heart Seminar.

Love & Blessings,

Mitchell Dahood


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