Inspirational Wednesday – What's Your Theme Song?

Theme Song SingerThere is almost nothing that can change someones mood faster than music.  I know you have had the experience when things weren’t quite going as planned, and then suddenly that song came on the radio.  Almost instantly your mood became lighter, and before you knew it you were signing the words and maybe even dancing (assuming you weren’t driving your car at the time).

Music is a powerful influencer, which is why it is used so extensively in films and tv commercials.  It’s also why I think it is a tool that everyone should have in their toolkit.  I encourage everyone to think of a theme song for their life.  A song that when you hear it, you immediately become energized and ready to take action.

It may sound cliche’, but one of my favorite theme songs is the song from the original Rocky movie.  In those moments when I have felt down and out for the count, I just start playing that song in my head.  After just a few seconds, I am infused with a new sense of energy and purpose, and I am back on my feet ready to carry on.

So what’s your theme song? If you don’t have one I strongly encourage you to get one.  Then, the next time the going gets tough, the get singing.  I’d love to know what some of the more popular “personal” theme songs are out there. If you have one or more you would like to share, put it in the comment box below.

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