Inspirational Wednesdays – Can We Have Peace One Day?

So often we see things going in the world that result in needless pain and suffering.  Because we are compassionate we feel and think that “something must be done”.  At the same time, becuase our actions tend to be overly influenced by our conscious minds, the next thought often is “but what can I do, I am only one person”

I recently became aware someone who chose not to listen to the limitations of his conscious mind, and began to take action to make a difference in the world.  The purpose of my sharing his story is not to have you feel small or less than because you have not taken action on such a grand scale, rather to remind you of what is possible when one is committed to following the passion of their heart, even if they don’t always know where it will lead.

Also all plans whether great or small begin with one step.  As you read the folowing i encourage you to open yourself up to the possibility of taking a step forward to make a difference.  It doesn’t have to be step to change the world, it can be a step to make a positive change in yourself or your family, or community.

Any step that results in a positive change anywhere in the world even if that change occurs in only one person, is a step worth taking.  I believe that when one person makes a positive change in their lives, others are encouraged and “given permission to do the same.

Below is short film (about 9 1/2 minutes) in which Jeremy Gilley, the founder of Peace One Day talks about his Journey and the mission of his organization, and how you can get involved.

The following is reprinted from Peace One Day website at

In it Jeremy Gilley, the founder of Peace One Day recounts his journey over the past ten years, as well as his vision for the future.  Jeremy is also a gifted film maker, and has documented his journey from the beginning on film.  You can view many of these on his website, as well as purchase a full length DVD (the proceeds of which go toward furthering the mission of Peace One Day.

10 years ago this September I founded the film project Peace One Day to document my efforts to create an annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence with a fixed calendar date. In 2001, POD achieved its primary objective. United Nations General Assembly resolution (A/Res/55/282)

was unanimously adopted by UN member states, formally establishing an annual day of global ceasefire and non-violence on the UN International Day of Peace, fixed in the global calendar on 21 September—Peace Day.
With the Day in place, POD’s aim is to institutionalise Peace Day 21 September, in other words reach the point where awareness of Peace Day becomes self-sustaining, and engage all sectors of society in the Day’s peaceful observance in accordance with the Peace Day resolution… …and this is how we’re doing it:

Through Film—my new documentary The Day After Peace, produced in association with the BBC and Passion Pictures, has so far been licensed for broadcast in 48 countries, with screenings at film festivals and elsewhere in 43 countries. The next film, now in production, will focus on the process of institutionalising Peace Day and the continuation of life-saving activities on the Day. You can get involved by screening the film on Peace Day as part of our 192 UN member states screening campaign. Or visit our new My Take on Peace

page and submit a short film telling us what peace means to you.
Through Education—Our goal is to provide POD education materials to every school on earth. We are delighted to announce that the 3rd edition of the free Peace One Day Citizenship Resource will be available to download in May 2009, with a free copy of The Day After Peace School’s Edition DVD delivered to all UK secondary schools. We are also incredibly excited to announce that the first ever Peace One Day U.S.A Education Resource will be online in May 2009. Phase 1 of our US roll-out includes the delivery of a free The Day After Peace School’s Edition DVD to selected states. More information about POD Education here
Through Football—we’re working with PUMA on the One Day One Goal football campaign, aiming to instigate matches in all 192 member states of the United Nations on Peace Day 2009. Last year there were matches played in 180 countries. Find out how you can get involved
Through Events—our sell-out gala celebration at London’s prestigious Royal Albert Hall on Peace Day 2008 featured a special screening of The Day After Peace and live performances from Peter Gabriel, Annie Lennox, Bryan Adams, John Legend and Lenny Kravitz. The event was hosted by Jude Law, with special appearances by Emilia Fox, David Bentley, Gabby Logan, Martin Bell OBE with video messages from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon, HM Queen Rania Al Aboullah of Jordan, David Beckham, The Spice Girls and others. Click here for visual highlights and more information.
Through—this website will be updated this summer (2009). The new stream-lined site will continue to hold up-to-date information about all POD’s activities and make it even easier for you to log your commitment
to Peace Day.
We want to reach 3 billion people with the message of Peace Day by 2012, and we are working with governments, the UN system, non-governmental organisations, schools and corporations to achieve that; but ultimately it is your support that will help make it a reality. As Ahmad Fawzi (now Director of News Media at the UN) said at our launch in 1999 ‘It is the peoples of this world who can create peace’.

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