Looking For Inspiration? – Its All Around You

Heaven SkySome people struggle to find something to “inspire” them, while others find inspiration all around them.  When was the last time you were truly inspired?

If it has been a while chances are your vision and other senses have been clouded by the chaos and confusion of your conscious mind.

Who could blame you?  With the way the mass media continues to tout the doom & gloom of our economy, record forclosures, record corporate bankruptcy’s, high unemployment, etc., etc.  It’s amazing you manage to get out of the bed in the morning.

And yet I have heard it said that eight times more millionaires are created during a down economy than at other times.  Some may question this, and yet it makes perfect sense to me.  During a down economy, many people lose their jobs and many of them unable to find another job start their own business.

Many people think of starting their own business, and yet when they are employed, they never seem to have the motivation to begin, let alone follow through.  When left with no choice, they take action, usually something they always wanted to do, and just never seemed to know where to begin.

The inspiration and opportunities are always present, it is simply a matter of where we choose to focus our attention.

When our journey ends, we are unlikely to regret the things we have done as much as the things we haven’t done.  If you listen to the media, it may not seem like the time to be bold and start a new venture.  Yet there are people doing it, and more than a few will ultimately become millionaires as a result.

Boldness is always rewarded.  Be bold in pursuing what you are passionate about.  Be bold in reclaiming who you are and where always meant to be.  If you need a little help in being bold I have a couple of powerful guided imagery’s I have uploaded at “You Publish” , they are “Conquering Negativity” and Connecting To the Passion of Your Champions Heart”.  You can listen on the site for free. 

I would appreciate hearing any feedback you have on these two guided imageries.




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