heart intelligence

The Intuitive Intelligence Of Your Heart

For years I have been encouraging people to get out of their heads and into their hearts to live a life they absolutely love. The short video below offers the scientific explanation as to why you should follow my advice. Discover the intuitive intelligence of your heart. Enjoy!   Transcript From Video (As It Appears…

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a look inside ourselves

Searching For Greatness Begins With A Look Inside Ourselves

Many people are looking for that one thing that will make them happy, whether it be wealth, a relationship, a new career, etc.  Many people have gotten what they thought they wanted, only to find out it wasn’t what they wanted at all.  They search endlessly for something outside of themselves to fulfill them and…

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Video Interview With Life Coach Cathy Hartenstein

I recently had the pleasure of  interviewing Life Coach Cathy Hartenstein.  We discussed what holds people back from getting what they want despite their best efforts.  Cathy also shared a power point presentation on her “5 Power Tools For Activating Your Bliss Driven Life”.  Cathy cautioned that these 5 tools are not for the faint…

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Self Forgiveness – The Greatest Gift Of All

With all that is going on in our world, the times we face seem to be especially challenging for many. It is for this reason that I encourage you to give yourself a very special gift, the gift of forgiveness. Our conscious mind operates from a place of fear and often communicates with us in…

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your conscious and subconscious mind

How Your Conscious And Subconscious Mind Work Against You

I am often asked why it is so difficult to make a positive change in one’s life.  In this video which is an excerpt from my “Breakthrough Genesis” training I answer that question by explaining how your conscious and subconscious mind work against you.

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Video Interview With Law Of Attraction Expert David Stanbridge

I had a great conversation/interview recently with Law of Attraction Expert and Successful Entreprenuer David Stanbridge.  We talked about some of the myths and misconceptions about The Law of Attraction and why it does not work for a lot of people.  He shared his experience and tips for creating your own successful business, as well…

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