Spiritual Hypnotherapy – What Is It?

Spiritual hypnotherapyI suppose if you were to ask 100 different people in the field of hypnotherapy, you may get 100 different answers to the question “What is Spiritual Hypnotherapy?”  I can only tell what I mean when I say to people I am a Spiritual Hypnotherapist.

For me, it really begins with my belief that when you came into this world, you came with everything that you needed to live a life of perfect abundance, peace, joy, and love.  If this is not what you are experiencing in your life, the chances are it is because you have one or more limiting beliefs that are preventing that experience from manifesting in your life.

I also believe that you came into this world with a specific purpose/mission in life, and the unique gifts to successfully fulfill that purpose/mission.  That purpose, that mission, that awareness of your gifts and the greatness that lies within you is all contained within the wisdom of your heart.

While most Hypnotherapists are primarily concerned with assisting you to get what you think you want (which is often influenced by your upbringing and society, and has nothing to do with what will fulfill you), my goal is to assist you in rediscovering your passion and purpose in life.

Upon making that discovery, I then assist you in identifying all the negative thoughts, feelings, & beliefs that don’t support your passion and purpose and together we create a step by step process to release these unsupportive thoughts, and replace them with new empowering thoughts, feelings, and beliefs, that will propel you forward in fulfilling your purpose in life.

As a Spiritual Hypnotherapist, I believe the subconscious mind exists to serve the heart as the ultimate creative machine in manifesting into reality whatever thoughts and beliefs are contained within it.  My intention in working with you is to free you from the limiting beliefs of your mind so that you can deeply connect to and fully express and live from your heart.

There are a number of free articles, tips, & tools on this site to assist you in this process, and if you would prefer to work with me one-on-one, then I encourage you to email me at mitchell@theChampionsHeart.com   or Call me at (805) 201-9159.  Your first session is free, and your results are guaranteed.


Mitchell Dahood M.A. CHT

Founder of The Champions Heart

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