guided imagery for healing

Guided Imagery – Healing The Body & Freeing The Mind

For decades now guided imagery has proven to be a powerful tool in assisting the body to heal itself from a number of health challenges. It has also proven to be equally powerful in reprogramming the subconscious mind, and freeing individuals from the negative thoughts, feelings and beliefs contained there. One of the primary benefits…

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life purpose discovery

Reconnecting To Your Life’s Purpose

Everyone who has ever been born has come into this world with a specific life’s purpose. to fulfill.  The challenge for most is that by the time they reach their early teens they have been negatively influenced and limitrf by society and their environment, and have they lost their connection to that purpose. If this…

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Dissolving The Blocks To Your Open Heart

Many people, especially those on a Spiritual path often refer to the heart as being “open” or “closed”.  While this may seem to be the reality, I would offer another possibility for your consideration.  That possibility would be that the heart is always open for that is its natural state. In those moments (or days…

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