Video Interview With Law Of Attraction Expert David Stanbridge

I had a great conversation/interview recently with Law of Attraction Expert and Successful Entreprenuer David Stanbridge.  We talked about some of the myths and misconceptions about The Law of Attraction and why it does not work for a lot of people.  He shared his experience and tips for creating your own successful business, as well…

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Overcoming Resistance To Change Is Possible

Making Positive Changes – Why Resistance Is Part Of The Process

If you are like most people you’re familiar with finally resolving to make a positive change in your life.  Perhaps start a new diet, get a new job, start working out etc.  In the past you started with the best of intentions, determined that this time you would succeed. If you were/are one of the fortunate few,…

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Empowerment Monday – Top Ten Affirmations For An Ideal Relationship

It’s Empowerment Monday, and it’s time for another one of my personal Top Ten Affirmations list.  This one is devoted to manifesting your ideal relationship.  Let’s get to it. TOP TEN AFFIRMATIONS FOR ATTRACTING YOUR IDEAL RELATIONSHIP 1.  I am available and obtainable for my ideal relationship. 2. I give and receive love easily and…

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Empowerment Monday Top Ten Affirmations For Your Career

It’s Empowerment Monday, and today I want to share with you my personal top ten list for attracting and/or creating your ideal career.  So lets get to it. TOP TEN POWER AFFIRMATIONS FOR YOUR CAREER 1.  I am passionate about my career which completely fulfills and inspires me. 2.  Others are inspired by the work…

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Empowerment Monday – Top Ten Affirmations For Connecting To Your Heart

It’s Empowerment Monday, and today I am going to offer you my personal top ten list of affirmations for getting and staying connected to your heart.  I and others have offered a lot of affirmations for abundance, prosperity, health, etc. The truth is all of those things tend to show up in our lives more…

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Celebration Friday – The People Who Remind Us Of Our Greatness

It’s Celebration Friday, and I want to take this opportunity to celebrate all of the Heart-Centered individuals around the world whose focus is to remind us of the greatness that lies within each one of us. There are far too many people (often including our selves) who are all too eager to point out what…

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