life purpose discovery

Reconnecting To Your Life’s Purpose

Everyone who has ever been born has come into this world with a specific life’s purpose. to fulfill.  The challenge for most is that by the time they reach their early teens they have been negatively influenced and limitrf by society and their environment, and have they lost their connection to that purpose. If this…

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Breaking Free From Limitations: FREE 4 Part Webinar Series

Breaking Free From Limitations: FREE 4 part webinar series is my gift of love to you during this Valentines Day month.  As a Spiritual Hypnotherapist and Master Life coach, I have been blessed with the opportunity and the ability to have a positive impact on lives all around the world. There Is Far Too Much…

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Celebration Friday – Claim Your Independence From Limiting Beliefs

It’s Celebration Friday, and with Independence Day tomorrow (in the US), I thought the timing was perfect to invite everyone to take a stand and declare their independence from their limiting beliefs. Our limiting beliefs are no different than being taxed unfairly.  In both cases we are forced to live a life that is less…

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