Getting Out Of Your Head And Into Your Heart – 3 Keys

Is your mind filled with chaos and confusion?  Have you settled for less in your life, instead of living the life of your dreams? Have you been convinced by the doubts and fears of your mind that “its not the right time.”, “you don’t have everything you need.”, “you don’t know how to get what…

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Staying Focused In Times Of Chaos & Confusion

With all that’s on your mind these days, it’s easy to to become distracted and lose focus on what is truly important in your life.  Below are five simple keys to staying focused on your heart’s desire/goals and ensure that you are maximizing your time. 1.   Write A Mission Statement. All successful business’ and people have…

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Looking For Love In All The Wrong The Wrong Places

At this time of year it seems we hear and see a lot of ideas of what the “ideal” loving relationship is supposed to be. While it is certainly not my intention to rain on any one’s parade, I do want to offer a few friendly/compassionate reminders. First ask yourself, how many people or couples…

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