Overcoming Resistance To Change Is Possible

Making Positive Changes – Why Resistance Is Part Of The Process

If you are like most people you’re familiar with finally resolving to make a positive change in your life.  Perhaps start a new diet, get a new job, start working out etc.  In the past you started with the best of intentions, determined that this time you would succeed. If you were/are one of the fortunate few,…

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Transforming Your State Of Mind

A lot of people these days are experiencing an abundance of stress & anxiety.  This is certainly not the type of abundance I am referring to when I say “we are all born with everything we need to live a life of perfect abundance”.  As is the case with virtually everything we experience, stress and…

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Inspirational Wednesday – What's Your Theme Song?

There is almost nothing that can change someones mood faster than music.  I know you have had the experience when things weren’t quite going as planned, and then suddenly that song came on the radio.  Almost instantly your mood became lighter, and before you knew it you were signing the words and maybe even dancing…

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Inspirational Wednesday – How Committed Are You To Your Dreams?

It’s Inspirational Wednesday, and today I want to ask you one question.  How committed are you to your dreams.  What action are you prepared to take right here and right now to make your dreams a reality?  What are you prepared to do to the resistance that has shown its face to often in the…

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Empowerment Monday Top Ten Affirmations For Your Career

It’s Empowerment Monday, and today I want to share with you my personal top ten list for attracting and/or creating your ideal career.  So lets get to it. TOP TEN POWER AFFIRMATIONS FOR YOUR CAREER 1.  I am passionate about my career which completely fulfills and inspires me. 2.  Others are inspired by the work…

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Celebration Friday – The Most Important Person In Your Life

Too often we overlook this person as not being special enough or worthy enough of taking notice of and celebrating.  The truth is however, there is no more important person in your life.  This person is the only one that has always been there in good times and in bad. This person is responsible for…

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