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A Gift of Love From Guy Finley

As part of the re-launching of The Champions Heart website, I am focusing in on effective ways to unleash the power of your heart and master the transformational energy of love. b In doing so I am searching the Globe for those experts as well as everyday people who have discovered their own way of…

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Video Interview With Relationship Expert Geuka Amusa

I recently conducted an interview with relationship expert Geuka Amusa.  He shared a lot of valuable advice about how we can make all of our relationships better including the 3 biggest mistakes couples make that put their relationship in danger. I think you will get a lot of value out of watching this interview, and…

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Looking For Love In All The Wrong The Wrong Places

At this time of year it seems we hear and see a lot of ideas of what the “ideal” loving relationship is supposed to be. While it is certainly not my intention to rain on any one’s parade, I do want to offer a few friendly/compassionate reminders. First ask yourself, how many people or couples…

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