a look inside ourselves

Searching For Greatness Begins With A Look Inside Ourselves

Many people are looking for that one thing that will make them happy, whether it be wealth, a relationship, a new career, etc.  Many people have gotten what they thought they wanted, only to find out it wasn’t what they wanted at all.  They search endlessly for something outside of themselves to fulfill them and…

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Self Forgiveness – The Greatest Gift Of All

With all that is going on in our world, the times we face seem to be especially challenging for many. It is for this reason that I encourage you to give yourself a very special gift, the gift of forgiveness. Our conscious mind operates from a place of fear and often communicates with us in…

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Inspirational Wednesday – Living Without Fear

It’s Inspirational Wednesday, and I received an email containing an article I would like to share with you today.  It is by Dr. Tim Ong, and it talks about the possibility of living without fear.  Just imagine it, a world filled with fearless people.  There would be no challenge that couldn’t be solved. I’ll let…

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