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Marrying Science With Spirituality – Gregg Braden

In this video Gregg Braden discusses the power of our emotions to create what we desire in our lives.  He also discusses how by combining the best of science has to offer with the best of what Spirituality has to offer we have access to something far more powerful than either of these are alone.…

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Dissolving The Blocks To Your Open Heart

Many people, especially those on a Spiritual path often refer to the heart as being “open” or “closed”.  While this may seem to be the reality, I would offer another possibility for your consideration.  That possibility would be that the heart is always open for that is its natural state. In those moments (or days…

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Celebration Friday – The People Who Remind Us Of Our Greatness

It’s Celebration Friday, and I want to take this opportunity to celebrate all of the Heart-Centered individuals around the world whose focus is to remind us of the greatness that lies within each one of us. There are far too many people (often including our selves) who are all too eager to point out what…

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