Transforming Your State Of Mind

Transforming Your Subconscious Mind

Transforming Your State Of Mind

A lot of people these days are experiencing an abundance of stress & anxiety.  This is certainly not the type of abundance I am referring to when I say “we are all born with everything we need to live a life of perfect abundance”.  As is the case with virtually everything we experience, stress and anxiety are the result of our thoughts, our state of mind.

The good news is the same way that our thoughts create stress and anxiety, they can also create relaxation and peace.  Quite often, simply by thinking of a pleasurable time in our lives and vividly imagining that time is enough to transform our state of mind.

If this doesn’t quite have the desired effect than give yourself permission to play with that image.  Imagine it bigger and/or brighter.  Imagine it with your favorite song playing in the background.  Simply be aware of how these subtle changes in what you are imagining are affecting the way you feel, and your state of mind.

Like anything in life, if you discover a that changing the image in a particular way has positive results, continue to try similar changes.  If a change has no effect (or a negative effect) set it aside and let it go.

If you have a particular technique or process that you have found to be effective to change your state of mind, I and the visitors at The Champions Heart would love to hear about it.

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