What Are You Willing To Do To Have Peace One Day?

Peace One Day LogoToday is a day recognized around the world as an International Day of Peace.  With all the horrific violence that takes place on a daily basis in our world, some may ask the question “What can be accomplished in a single day?”

To answer that question, and to show my support for this day of peace,  Jeremy Gilley, and the Peace One Day organization, I have included a short video below.  It is less than four minutes long.  After watching it I encourage you to ask and answer the question “What am I willing to do to have peace one day?”

Then go to the Peace One Day website and register your commitment to peace.  There is no commitment too small, and if everyone chose only to take one minute to silently meditate on world peace on this one day, positive change would take place around the world.

The web address for Peace One Day is:


How To Get Involved – Peace One Day Video

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