Why Worry? Focus On The Present And Wake Up With A Smile On Your Face

Overcoming Thoughts Of WorryA friend asked me a question the the other day, that I am sure a lot of people have on their mind these days.  He asked  “When will I go to sleep without worry and wake up with a smile on my face?”  The answer I gave him was a simple one “When you are fully present in the moment and centered in your heart”. Most of us know this, and yet it never ceases to amaze me how quickly we forget when our world gets shaken up a bit.

What we choose to focus on and think about has a direct impact on how we feel emotionally, mentally, physically, and Spiritually.  Focusing on the past and what we should have or could have done only serves to prolong the frustration, disappointment, and perhaps anger and judgement.  Worrying about the future and what “might happen” only causes unnecessary stress and anxiety, doubt and fear.

Now is the only moment we have any control over, and now is where our full attention is best served.  What thoughts and actions right now in this moment are most likely to bring you peace, joy, happiness, & well being?  Think of those things.  Take those actions.  The rest will take care of itself.

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