Be Aware And Embrace Every Thought

Be Aware And Embrace Every ThoughtMany people who are endeavoring to think positively, mistakenly try to push away or suppress negative thoughts and emotions.  When that happens, the negative thoughts or emotions in turn resist the resistance and fight even harder for your attention.   That is why I encourage you to be aware and embrace every thought (even if it is a negative one)

Through societal, family, and genetic influences, you have been programmed to have lots of negative thoughts which in turn lead to negative emotions.  Theses negative thoughts however are born out of a positive intention to keep you safe and are stored in a part of your brain whose sole purpose is to detect and fight any change in your environment.

Whenever you have a thought that is contrary to the thoughts already in this part of the brain, resistance will occur.  If you try to fight this resistance by pushing, suppressing, or forcing thoughts one way or the other, you will have to summon an extraordinary amount of energy to overome the resistance.

However, if instead of resisting you were simply to be aware of the negative thought, understood that it was coming forward with a positive intention, and then communicated with that thought in a non-judgemental way, the thought would have very little reason to fight you.

The communication may go something like this:

You:  I acknowledge the positive intention you have to keep me safe, and I understand that I have decided to travel on a different path than I have before.  I know that you are concerned and perhaps even fearful about the direction I am going.

Protective Mind:  Yes I am very fearful, and I don’t understand why you want to go in this new direction.  Things were fine just the way they were, we were comfortable.

You:  Things may have been comfortable or familiar, however they weren’t fine.  I was not fulfilled in what I was pursuing, I was feeling disconnected from myself and my purpose in life.  I gave it a great deal of thought before choosing to in this new direction.

Protective Mind:  What if things turn out worse than before?  What if you fail?

You:  Then I will have discovered another path that was not meant for me, and I will choose another.  However I am very confident I have now chosen the right path, and I would appreciate your support along the way.

Protective Mind:  I am not sure, what do you have in mind?

You:  How about if for the next thirty days you observe what I am doing very closely and at the end of the thirty days we can evaluate together if this new path is worth continuing or not.  We can always make a choice to go back to the old eay of doing things if this path doesn’t work out.

Protective Mind:  For thirty days you want me to observe you, and at the end of thirty days we will evalute what you are doing, and if it isn’t working we can go back to the old way of doing things?

You:  That’s right.

Protective Mind:  I think I can do that.

You:  Thank you, I appreciate your support and cooperation.

Instead of pushing away or supressing negative thoughts, embrace them, communicate with them, and you are likely to find that they gracefully and easilly release themselves from your mind.

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