ATTENTION: Is Your Stress Making You Sick?...

"Discover How You Can Quickly and

Easily Reduce Your Stress and Experience

Deep Inner Peace In Only Minutes A Day..."


...First Though, There Is Some Important News You Should

Know About (Or Be Reminded Of)


The Bad News Is Our Modern

World Seems To Be Getting More

Stressful Every Day And...

...Stress Is A Major Cause of Disease

That Is Completely Preventable.

depressed-womanThe down-low is that stress is linked to bad cytokines (IL-6, TNF alpha, C reactive protein, etc.) and that stress is linked to PTSD and Major Depressive Disorder and anxiety disorders which are also linked to the bad cytokines… as is cardiovascular disease, even in psychologically healthy individuals.


---Psychology Today


The Good News Is There Is

Hope and A Solution...

...Latest Research Reveals That Meditating AsNewburg-Waldman

Little As 12 Minutes A Day Can Completely

Transform Your Brain and Your Life.

Dr. Mark Waldman and Andrew Newberg two of the leading neuroscience researchers in the world condcuted a major study that revealed that meditating for as little as twelve minutes a day could compeletey transform the neurology of our brains.

Young lady meditating on rock by sea

Furthermore studies conducted by the Deepak Chopra Center reveal that some the main health benefits of daily meditation include:

• Relief from stress and anxiety (meditation mitigates the effects of the “fight-or-flight” response, decreasing the production of stress hormones such as cortisol and adrenaline)

• Decreased blood pressure and hypertension

• Lower cholesterol levels

• More efficient oxygen use by the body

• Increased production of the anti-aging hormone DHEA

• Restful sleep


But What If You Don't Know How To

Meditate Or What To Meditate On To

Achieve The Maximum Positive Results

and Health Benefits?...

...Below Are 7 Meticulously Crafted Chakra Healing Energy

Guided Meditations To Lead You Every Step of The Way And...


...They Do Way More Than Simply

Reduce Stress and Allow You To Relax

As You'll Discover Below.


$19.97  Value  

Listening to the Root Chakra Healing MP3 Recordings will empower you to feel more grounded, stable and secure in your life, creating a wonderful foundation upon which to rebuild the rest of your life.


$ 19.97 Value

Listening to the Healing Solar Plexus Chakra MP3 recordings will empower you to connect to your own personal power allowing you experience a much higher level of confidence and self esteem in your life.


$19.97 Value

Listening to the Healing Throat Chakra MP3 Recordings will empower you with the unique ability to creatively express your truth without the limiting need for it to be true for others. You will experience true freedom of expression in your life.


$19.97 Value 

Listening to the Crown Chakra Healing MP3 recordings will strengthen your connection to the Divine as you become ever more aware of you true Spiritual nature and your oneness with all living things.


$19.97 Value

Listening to the Sacral Chakra Healing MP3 recordings will empower you to experience and enjoy all the great pleasures that a rich full life has to offer you without the limiting feelings of guilt or unworthiness. 


$19.97 Value

Listening to the Heart Chakra Healing MP3 Recordings will connect to the place inside of you that knows the truth about who you really are and empower you to freely give and receive unconditional love easily in your life.


$19.97 Value

Listening to the Healing Third Eye Chakra MP3 recordings will create a stronger connection to your own inner wisdom and allow you to develop a deep trust in your own natural intuition so you make better choices and more powerful decisions in your life.


$19.97 Value

The 7 Chakra Healing Music MP3 is a wonderful recording to play anytime and anywhere to empower you to go through your day in much healthier, balanced way while optimally maintaining the flowing energy of your chakras.

So What Are Chakras?

ChakraswithDescriptionsWhen most people talk about Chakras they are referring to The 7  energy centers in our body in which energy flows through.  Each chakra influences a specific area of our lives.

Blocked energy in our 7 Chakras can often lead to illness so it's important to understand what each Chakra represents and what we can do to keep this energy flowing freely.

Deepak Chopra M.D.

Each of the seven chakras are governed by spiritual laws, principles of consciousness that we can use to cultivate greater harmony, happiness, and wellbeing in our lives and in the world.

Deepak Chopra M.D.

For A Limited Time Receive All 8

Chakra Healing MP3 Recordings

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Chakra Healing Meditations and Music Package


These Powerful and Healing MP3's Fuse The Best of

Ancient Wisdom With The Latest Scientific

Reasearch and Technology

The first 7 MP3's contain two tracks.  The first is a powerful guided hypno-meditation that causes your unconscious mind to release anything that is blocking the natural flow of energy of that particular chakra. The second track contains at least fifty minutes of healing music with subliminal affirmations for that specific chakra that you can listen to any time anywhere to transform your life.

The 8th MP3 Recording is 60 minutes of Healing Music for the 7 main chakras as well as 101 subliminal affirmations embedded within the music.

Below is a screen shot of the Healing Heart Chakra Hypno-meditation being edited.  All of the chakra hypno-meditations include:

1. My voice guiding you on your healing journey.

2. Two seperate track of iso-chronic tones to put your mind in a receptive & relaxed state.

3. Two separate tracks of chakra healing affirmations that promote healing at the deepest level.


You Receive Over 8 1/2 Hours of 

Super High Quality Chakra MP3 Recordings

For Only $117...

Chakra Healing Meditations and Music Package

You Have My 100% Guarantee That You Will Love These MP3's!

md-photo-full-caption-smallYour extreme happiness and satisfaction is my top priority.  If you listen to the Chakra Healing Recordings in good faith and you can say from a place of integrity that they did not exceed your expectations then simply send an email to within 30 days of your purchase and you will receive a prompt refund.

—Mitchell Dahood M.A., Spiritual Hypnotherapist and Master Life Coach

Creator of The Chakra Healing Hypno-Meditations and Music with Subliminal Affirmations

Carol Tuttle

Energy healing releases people from the emotional energy of their past, cleans up their mental states and repairs the entire energy system.

Carol Tuttle

Chakra Healing Meditations and Music Package


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Medical Disclaimer

The MP3 recordings on this page are a wonderful compliment to any licensed care you may be receiving or are in need of receiving.  These recordings are in no way intended to be a replacement for licensed medical or psychological care. You are encouraged to consult a licensed healthcare professional regarding your specific health situation and concerns.