Empowerment Monday – Releasing Your Worst Fears In Minutes

Face of FearMany people believe change has to take a long time, and depending on the the tools and techniques used it can and often does take longer than necessary.  However it doesn’t have to be that way.  Change can happen very rapidly when we use tools designed to do just that.

The subconscious mind learns incredibly fast, and when we give the subconscious mind the information for learning in a way that it can use efficiently, change can happen in minutes instead of months or years.

One techinique for achieving rapid change is the NLP Phobia cure.  I have outlined the steps of this cure below, for you to try for yourself.  Set aside set aside 30 minutes of time to give yourself the opportunity to learn the process and thoroughly go through each step.

While this is a very effective technique for intense fears, the first time you try this, and are learning the process  I would recommend you choose a situation that is moderately fearful, such as calling a stranger on the phone, making a presentation at work etc.

Before trying the steps below, I recommend you read through them at least once to familiarize yourself with the process.  Also, just a side note, you can do no harm with this process, and it is not possible to permanently increase your fear by trying this technique.  So just do it!


1.   Fearful Situation.  Take a moment to think of a situation that makes you feel moderately fearful.  Allow yourself to think about it just enough to begin to get the feeling of that fear.  Take as much time as you need until you begin to feel the fear in your body.

2.  Movie Theater.  Take a moment now to visualize or imagine yourself sitting in a large movie theater.  As you are sitting there look up at the screen, and on the screen see a still picture of yourself just before you experienced this fearful situation for the first time, or the time that it was most intense.

3.  Leave Your Body.  Now take a moment to visualize or imagine yourself floating out of your body and up to the projection booth.  And from there you are able to see yourself in the movie theater watching yourself on the screen. 

Remain in the projection booth and continue to observe yourself in the theater watching yourself on the screen until you are instructed to leave.

4.  Watch A Movie.  Now visualize or imagine yourself watching yourself on the screen.  Begin to see a black & white movie of exactly what happened in this fearful situation and how you expereinced it.

Continue to watch this black & white movie from the projection booth until the movie comes to the point where the situation & the trauma has ended.  The point in the movie when you begin to feel safe again.  When you reach this point in the movie where you feel safe, stop the movie and make it a still picture of yourself.

5. Run The Movie Backward.  Now visualize or imagine floating from the projection booth and going inside the still picture on the screen.   And now allow yourself to go through the experience backward in color.  See this color movie playing backward as if if time were being reversed.  Feel yourself being pulled very rapidly back though time as if you were be sucked back through time by a huge vacuum cleaner.

Be sure to do this very rapidly in about 1 1/2-2 seconds.  If you feel it would be helpful, take the time to run this movie backward several more times.  When you have finished, physically get up and shake out your body, your hands, arms and legs. Take a deep breathe and exhale.

6.  Checking.  Take a moment now to think of the expereince again, and notice your response.  As you notice your response rate your fear on a scale of 1-10, with ten being worst.  If you rate your fear now to be more than two, then take the time now to repeat the process and thoroughly go through the steps again.

After completing the process you want want to proceed with caution (which is different than fear).  Your fear of the situation you just worked with has likely prevented you from having much experience in those situations.  as a result you simply want to be cautious and gentle with yourself as you adapt to expereincing this situation without fear.

Some situations that we are fearful of do have inherent danger in them, so it is important that we approach them with caution.

Happy & FreeOnce you become comfortable using this process for situations that you have been moderately fearful about, you can begin using this process for more intense fears.  It is these fears whether mild or intense that prevent you from doing the one thing you must do if you are to positively change your situation, and that is to take new action.

Even if you have experienced the fear for years or even decades, this process can make that fear a part of your past in a matter of minutes.  If you recognize a fear that has held you back in your life for sometime now, I encourage you to try this technique for yourself, or seek out someone that can guid you through it.

If you have a tool, technique or process that you would like to suggest for a future Empowerment Monday Article, please email it to mitchell@TheChampionsHeart.com  if your suggestion is sued you will receive credit and a link to your website if you have one.



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