Empowerment Monday – Top Ten Affirmations For Attracting Abundance

It’s Empowerment Monday, and I am continuing with my personal top ten list of affirmations for various areas of your life.  Last week I gave you my top ten list of affirmations for vibrant health, and today I am giving you my personal top ten list of affirmations for abundance.

Flow of AbundanceWhen some people think about abundance they think only of financial abundance.  I believe financial abundance is important as it allows people to experience greater freedom to express their true selves more fully.

However, I also include things such as love, peace, joy and well being.  I believe these are fundamental experiences that we all need to have in abundance so that we can share them with others from our overflow.

Lets get to the list.


1.  I am open to receiving the abundance that flows gracefully and easily toward me.

2.  I am living and experiencing a life of perfect abundance.

3.   I am becoming more abundant everyday and in every way

4.  All of my needs are abundantly met

5.  I am taking positive action on the abundance of opportunities all around me.

6.  I am grateful for the perfect abundance that so richly fills and blesses my life

7.  I am living and experiencing a life of perfect abundance, peace, joy, love, and well being

8.  The more I share my abundance with others the more abundance flows toward me.

9.  Perfect Abunance flows effortlessly toward me from many unexpected sources.

10.  I express perfect abundance in all that I think, speak, and do.

There you have it, my personal top ten list for living and attracting a life of perfect abundance.  If you have affirmations that work for you that aren’t on the list I’d love to hear about them.  You can email me directly at mitchell@thechampionsheart.com

Open to Abundance

Open to Abundance

Open to Abundance

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Until next time keep affirming the life you deserve and desire.

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  • law of attraction guy

    Reply Reply September 22, 2010

    Oh i love the list of affirmations you shared here.. I agree that attracting abundance in life can be done by using the power of positive thinking and law of attraction and the power of positive thinking can be increased through affirmations.

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