Empowerment Monday – Top Ten Affirmations For Vibrant Health

For the next few posts under Empowerment Monday, I will be giving you my top ten list of affirmations for various areas of your life.  If you have questions on how and when to use affirmations, you can check out the archives for past articles on the subject, or sign up for the FREE five part Power Affirmations e course.


Vibrant health1. I awaken every morning fully energized and vibrantly healthy.

2. I am eating foods that lovingly nourish and energize my body.

3. I love the way I feel after  exercising vigorously.

4. I am becoming healthier and healthier everyday

5. I am always making positive choices about my health

6. All of the systems of my body function perfectly

7  My entire being radiates with vibrant health

8. I love making healthy choices for myself

9. I breathe in positives and exhale any negatives

10. My mind and body function perfectly together

There you have, my top ten affirmations for vibrant health.  Do you have some affirmation that you like that aren’t on the list?  I would love to receive any suggestions for affirmations and/or areas of your life that you would like me to do a top ten list for.  Simply email me at mitchell@thechampionsheart.com

You can also email at mitchell@thechampionsheart.com if you would like to suggest a tool, technique, or process for future Empowerment Monday articles.

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