Extreme Makeover


In an effort to make this site an even more valuable experience for visitors, we will be doing an “Extreme Makeover” during the next week or so. The make over will include the addition of video and audio, as well as a more interactive expereince.

It will take about a week to move previous site content as well as the new features.  We greatly appreciate your understanding and patience during this process.  If something seems a little out of whack or doesn’t seem to make sense, trust us that when the process is complete, it will all come together, and you will love this site.

Also, if this is your first visit to the site, the mission of The Champions Heart is to empower individuals and organizations around the world to conquer the negative thoughts feelings and beleifs they have about themselves, so that they can connect deeply to their hearts, each other, and to Spirit.

This site exists to serve you, and our comments and suggestions are always welcome.

I honor and cherrish your visit here today and welcome your return.


Mitchell Dahood, M.A.

Founder of The Champions Heart



Thank you for your understanding during this process.


Mitchell Dahood
Founder of The Champions Heart


  • radhika

    Reply Reply September 27, 2010

    I just stumbled upon this website and it stumped me.Especially the enpowerment meditations-i was so down in the dumps-this meditation has helped me to SMILE-and i haven’t stopped since.Thank you from the bottom of my heart.And keep up the good work.Cheers!!!

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