Subliminal Power Affirmations & The Magical Half Hour

Power AffirmationsAffirmations can be a powerful tool for reprogramming your subconscious mind. Their effectiveness is mostly determined by how and when you use them.  One of the most powerful and effective ways is to use subliminal power affirmations during the magical half hour (the half hour before you go to bed).

In order to have the greatest effect, you should experience a strong emotional connection to the affirmations you use.  Generic affirmations created by someone else are likely not to be as effective as affirmations you create yourself.  Most people do not have the technology, the time, and or the knowledge to create an effective subliminal power affirmations recording.

It is for this reason that I want to offer a limited number of readers the opportunity to have a personal subliminal affirmation recording created for them at no cost.  If you would like to personally experience the power of subliminal affirmations, send an email to  In the subject line put “Subliminal Power Affirmations”

If you are one of the first ten readers to respond, I will notify you and ask you to provide me with a list of up to ten of your personal power affirmations.  Upon receiving your list I will create a thirty minute subliminal MP3 for you to listen to during the magical half hour.

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  • Edith

    Reply Reply April 11, 2011

    I’d LOVE to have you CREATE a subliminal CD using my affirmations providing your MOST GENEROUS offer is still open? I just LOVE your site! THANK YOU for all your hard work CREATING it! BLESSINGS!

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