What If You Don't Know What You Want? – 3 Keys

Flaming HeartTwo of my favorite questions to ask someone are “What Do You Want?” and “How Will You Know When You Get It?”.   The challenge for many people is that either they don’t really know what they want, or what they “think” they want is not really going to fulfill them.

Many people, as a result of operating primarily from their conscious mind are only thinking of surface things like wealth, a new home, a relationship, a new career.  Certainly these can all be wonderful things to have in one’s life when the inner needs have been fulfilled.

We all know or at least have heard of someone who wanted wealth, and when they got, they still weren’t happy, or wanted a relationship, and when they got it they still felt empty, or wanted a new career, and when they got it found it wasn’t quite what they expected.

There is a deeper place within us that wants and desires things for us, things that will fill and fulfill us and allow us to feel whole and complete regardless of our outer circumstances.  That is the place we must go to when we are searching for what we want that will fulfill us.

If you truly know what you want and what will fulfill you, then consider yourself among the fortunate.  If you don not know what you want, below are three simple steps to guide you along the discovery process of finding your heart’s desire.


Find a place for yourself that is peaceful and where you know you will not be interrupted for at least 20 minutes.  Once there, get into a comfortable position either sitting in a chair or lying in the floor and place both hands on your heart. Then simply become aware of your breathing and allow your mind to become calm and your body to relax.


Next you can begin to ask the question “What do I want?”, and wait for an answer.  You may want to ask the question slowly several times to allow it to resonate in the deepest part of you.  The answer may come in the form of an image, a word, or a phrase, and it may not make sense in that moment.  Simply make a note of the answer you receive.

In addition to simply asking the question, you can if you choose engage in a conversation with your heart’s desire, and you may even want to give that energy a name that means something to you. 

For example if you ask the question “What do I want?”, and the you don’t understand the answer you receive, you might say “Angel Heart, I am not understanding the answer you have given me, can you please express it in another way”.  You then simply be aware any new information you receive.

Your conversation can take any shape or form you desire. there is no right or wrong way to do it.


Whatever information you receive in whatever form, even if you don’t quite understand it, write it down in a journal or notebook specifically for that purpose.  Over time as you receive more and more information things will become more and more clear.

It is also possible that something will occur in your life, or you will see something days after receiving an answer or information that you didn’t at first undertand, that now makes perfect sense.  Write this down also.

Your heart is always open to you and awaiting your awareness, connection, and communication with it.  This simple excercise done one or more times per week is a great way to accomplish all three.

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